After a few weeks of downtime, I’ve moved my blog from to The old domain name was a birthday/christmas present, but when it expired earlier this month, I saw no reason to renew it when Namecheap was offering free .me domain names for students.

While moving the site to the new domain, I also took the opportunity to change the underlying technology stack. While the old blog was an instance of Ghost, the new blog is a simple static site generated by Hakyll, a Haskell static site generator. Ghost is an awesome blogging platform, but I blog infrequently and don’t need the overhead of a dynamic site. By using Hakyll, I’m able to serve my site from Github Pages and save on the cost of a full server. Furthermore, the static site feels much faster to load and read than the old ghost blog.

Migrating the posts was fairly painless. Ghost saves all of the original markdown in the sqlite database, so I wrote a script to dump them into files. Dropping those files into Hakyll worked flawlessly.

I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty with some basic HTML and CSS, so I wrote a lot of the HTML by hand. The CSS is generated by Clay, a CSS preprocessor written in Haskell. I don’t use many advanced features of Clay, but having variables for colors and sizes makes writing CSS much more tolerable.