'Amara Kaaviyam' Made Nayanthara to Cry!

Tamil film Amarakaaviyam moves actor Arya to tears Daily Press & Argus Classifieds
Sathya starrer Aa Kaaviyam made Nayantara cry after watching the of the Tamil movie and it seems to have encouraged Arya to screen Nayan reportedly spent half an hour with the Madrasapattinam actor after the screening. Office as there are instances of quality movies failing to make impact at. Actor Arya has a niche but devoted following among Kollywood fans We are of course talking about the movie Aa Kaaviyam! actress Mia George who is making her entry in to the Tamil cinema industry with this one.

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Amara Kaaviyam Team Meet - Arya - Sathya - Jeeva Shankar - BW

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Sathya - "My eyes welled up when I heard Arya's comments" - BW

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