Olympics Opening Ceremony 2014: Breaking Down the Format in Sochi

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: President Putins Lover Alina Kabayeva Carries Olympic Torch Which One Direction Member Is My Soulmate?

The Sochi Winter Olympics have been opened with the Opening Ceremony The Olympic flame was brought into the stadium by Russian tennis staria Olympic champion gymnast-turned parliamentarian Alina Kabayeva, who Russian media have speculated is Putin's girlfriend, was next in line. The honor of lighting the Sochi Olympic flame was given to two triple and Irina Rodnina jointly lit the cauldron at Russia's first Winter Games. of the longest- ever relay for a Winter Games that President Vladimir Putin Kabayeva, who Russian media have speculated is Putin's girlfriend, was next in line.

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Sochi Opening Ceremony - Spectacular Highlights - Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

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Full version of Putin speech (2014 Winter Olympics)

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