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Jerry Springer Makes Return to TV on Court Series, ‘Judge Jerry’ I progetti delle scuole maremmane: in classe per imparare a leggere, scrivere e cantare Jerry Springer is set for the court show Judge Jerry from NBCUniversal Television Distribution. Former talk show host Jerry Springer is returning to daytime syndication and is reteaming with NBCUniversal TV Distribution for a foray into a new genre Check out the airdates for all new and returning series. "Judge Jerry" will hear real cases from real litigants but will also add a "Final Jerry Springer enters the daytime court TV fray with 'Judge Jerry' .. The first-run syndication series will be distributed by NBC Universal. . "The Nutcracker: A Fantasy in the Making," directed by local filmmaker Bob Gerding.

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He Didn't See That Coming (The Jerry Springer Show)

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