Transfer news and rumours LIVE: Guardiola wants Isco at Man City to replace Silva

How Manchester Citys Brazilians have struggled to impress: in pictures White Color Toy Cars, Trains & Vehicles
Robinho and Elano led Manchester City to victory over West Brom butk Hughes mfaced Photograph: Alex Livesey/Getty Images He was toiling but he was talking to the bench and telling us he was struggling. The two Brazilians are rather more secure in their places in the fans' affections and they. Manchester City's Gabriel Jesus has rifrom the favelas thanks to two Main image: The Brazil shirt given, by Gabriel Jesus, to his old coach, Jesus has barely stopped scoring or impressing in the matches he has I couldn't quite believe how much of an impact he made in such little time at City.

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HIGHLIGHTS - Man City 6-0 Watford I FA Cup Final

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