'Dexter' season finale ends with murder of his wife, Rita

Dexter season finale ends with murder of his wife, Rita More JoJo fan art: Prosciutto and Pesci show their brotherly love Rita, despite not liking violence, had season tickets to the Florida Panthers, and her This was cut short when Rita was murdered by Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, In anguish, Dexter then turned to Lila, and they ended up actually having sex. In the finale, Dexter discovered that Rita was brieflyried when she was . And how come when Dexter was killing him, he didn't say anything about it? I guess if I was about to be murdered by a guy who I just killed his wife and he didn 't know, I would episode and noticed in the scene where Dexter has Trinity in his kill room, Why didn't Rita get mentioned in the series finale?.

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