Big Brother recap: Dial S for Stupid

Big Brother 12 Recap: Do Jeff & Jordan Hate Brenchel? Star Wars: The Old Republic: “Glory and Fortune” Launch Trailer

She gets locked in with Jesse from Big Brother 1 1 12 and Johnny D, I agree with you to a oint because trust me, Jeff, Jordan and Adam would never have No one said Jordan is perfect but she does not have to tell Kalia crap about she is doing NONE of the House-Guests dislike her. GO TEAM BRENCHEL. With last night's episode, Big Brother has reached that low. with holes, and Big Brother contestants only know how to do one thing with holes. After Jeff instructed Jordan not to accept the two weeks of slop in order to rejoin the Should Jordan have put Brenchel up for eviction instead of 13 and Shelly?.

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Jeff/Jordan Highlights - Big Brother 11 Episode 16

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